Western Regional Chapter ACA


Out of 11 ACA chapters, Southern California and Northern California share just one state. If you check out the map in the American Coach Association newsletter, you will notice that in size, Southern and Northern California chapters are small, compared to other chapters that encompass several states. How unique that each chapter in California can hold their own as far as the strength of our membership and the depth of the fun we have.

We have an eclectic mix of members in our chapter; some are retired, some are working, some haven't reached an age to attend Kindergarten. Yet it works and works well. And our membership isn't limited to folks who only live in Southern California. While we have our resident Southern Californian's, we also have members living in Chicago, Las Vegas, and the states of Arizona, Tennessee, Oregon, Florida, Idaho, South Dakota and Texas. We even have a couple who live on an island off the coast of California. Getting their RV to the mainland must be fun (just kidding, they keep it in Torrance).

And as far as vocational backgrounds, again we have a huge assortment of talent. We have doctors, lawyers, and we had a guy that worked with Indian Chiefs! We have police officers, fire fighters, teachers, administrators, hair stylists, liquor importers (he's popular), accountants, mechanics, sales staff, race car drivers, office workers, pest controllers, ranch owners, carpenters, printers and graphic designers, rocket scientists, and retired military personnel (thank you for your service!). Heck, as far as I know we probably have a butcher, a baker and a candle stick maker.

Our hobbyists share their particular passion for painting, singing, knitting, cooking, woodworking, beading, classic cars and tinkering. We love our dogs and cats, and the occasionally RV'n bird and fish. And like the Bill Murray's movie "Meatballs" IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER! Whatever you do, wherever you come from, whatever your family situation, just bring your smile, a warm handshake and prepare to have fun; either for a long weekend, or a longer trip, caravan-style, to a National Rally.

Our chapter invented the 'T'urkey award. Do something dumb during a rally and be rewarded with a giant, wooden 'T' you wear around your neck, until somebody usurps your goofiness' with their goofiness. It's all in good fun. Some of our past winners (me included) have achieved The Big 'T' recognition for: using the kitchen slide-out to mash avocados; losing the bowling ball on the back swing and flinging it behind them (no one got hurt); using the opposite sex bathroom in a public building; almost accomplishing a brodie in a muddy corn field but then needing an articulating front-loader to extract the, now deeply mired in mud, motorhome from the field; stepping on and smashing their cake for the potluck, but serving it anyway; and not to be forgotten, locking their coach and car keys in the car and as they were about to 'fetch' the second set of car keys from the motorhome, their dog, in the coach, puts his paw on the key fob and remotely locks the coach door. The Auto Club guy really liked that one!

So in short, I guess you could say we're the liberal, conservative, local nation-wide chapter who loves to meet new people and have a great time!

Beverly Petty