SEPTEMBER 23, 2018

Board Members: Jerry Scott, President; Debbie Darby, Vice President; Brianne Brissette, Treasurer; and Pat Adams, Secretary.

Jerry Scott opened the meeting at 9:41 a.m. at the Morro Dunes RV Resort, Morro Bay, California.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Pat Adams read the meeting minutes with one correction that FMCA in January is in Indio not Pomona. Erling Pohl made a motion to approve, seconded by John Ferguson. Minutes approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Brianne reported our balance is $3374.34. We have 73 members with several outstanding dues. Jerry welcomed our newest members, John and Brooke Wollam with their daughters, Porter and Delaney. They purchased the Petty’s coach. Treasurer’s report approved.

OLD BUSINESS: Jerry gave an update on the plan to possibly merge the SoCal, NorCal/NorWest and the South West chapters. The three Chapter Presidents will be discussing this idea the first part of October. The NorCal/NorWest and SoCal are willing to move forward, but the South West Chapter still needed time to discuss with their members. There would be 3 Representatives on the National Board – President, 1st & 2nd National Affiliated Presidents/or Regional Directors. These titles will be determined at a later date with the Board’s approval. Bob Clapper is willing to run for this new Chapter President, and John Carr (NorCal) is willing to take on a position as well. Jerry explained that once the details are worked out the effective date would potentially be July 1, 2019. He further explained that there would be only one (1) dues that would be applicable, eliminating multiple chapter dues with different due dates; rallies would be spread around the geographic areas, and that if this doesn’t go through the NorCal/NorWest Chapter will fold. George Borecky stated that he would step up to be the NorCal/NorWest Chapter President if the merger doesn’t get approved.

A letter from the affected Chapter Presidents with the merger details (once approved by Scott Rose, Legal Advisor) would be presented to the National Board for approval. Susan Rose indicated that any further newsletter would need to represent all the Chapters interest, rallies, announcements, etc. All agreed. Debbie Darby stated that she had expressed to the Board while in Spearfish, that maybe the members of all Chapters should indicate their preferred “home” chapter. This may be something that would done in the future as well.


RALLY INFO: The Pohl’s will host the October 25 – 29, 2018 rally at Flying Flags. There are some spaces available but they need to know immediately as Sue Pohl needs to notify the resort of any spaces we aren’t going to need.

Pat Adams spoke of the February 20-23, 2019 “No Rain Rally” which is at capacity. A waiting list has been formed. Al Gottlieb suggested that RC Construction should expand the Animal Hospital that they rebuilt to give us more spaces.
Side Note: The Adams’ will check out a new facility in the area that was under construction to see if it will be done by the February dates.

Jerry announced that the next National rally will be in Conroe, Texas; May 18-23, 2019. A rolling rally will be planned as we get closer to this rally date.

The Madore’s checked out Cava Robles in Paso Robles. It is a new facility and is very nice. The Clapper’s, Darby’s and Rose’s stayed there on their way back home from Spearfish. Debbie obtained a site map and will discuss with Jerry after the meeting. Jerry would like to reserve this resort for the next year’s Western Regional rally, possibly in March or April 2019.

In January 2019 the FMCA will be in Indio and Quartzsite, AZ. We need to fill in 2019 with other rally dates. The Wollam’s will host a rally in the summer of 2019 – probably August. More to follow at the next rally.

Jerry thanked the Darby’s and the Roses’ for this rally at Morro Dunes. A great time and great food already!

No candidates (yet) for the T-award, so Becky Clapper is proudly wearing the T.

Susan Rose made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Joe Darby. Meeting adjourned at 10:20 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Adams

Pat Adams, SoCal Secretary