February 23, 2019

Board Members: Jerry Scott, President; Debbie Darby, Vice President; and Pat Adams, Secretary.

Absent: Brianne Brissette, Treasurer

Jerry Scott opened the meeting at 10:05 a.m. at the Lake Elsinore -Wildomar Elk’s Lodge.

Jerry Scott thanked the Adams’ and Owens’ for the No-Rain Rally and was very appreciative of the VFW’s hospitality for allowing us to use their facilities. Jerry suggested we pass a hat tonight for a donation.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Pat Adams read the meeting minutes from the September 23, 2018 meeting. Ray Lamb made a motion, seconded by Tom Jordahl to accept the meeting minutes as read. Minutes approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Becky Clapper (on behalf of Brianne Brissette) reported our balance is $3275.39. We have 72 members with all dues paid. Treasurer’s report approved.


  1. Jerry gave an update on the plan to merge the SoCal, NorCal/NorWest and the South West chapters. The three Chapter Presidents have discussed the merger and all are now in agreement to proceed. There will be a meeting at the Regional Rally in March with all three chapters to work out the treasuries of the 3 chapters merging and to create a name for this new chapter. There will be a By-Law change necessary to create this new combined Chapter which Scott Rose will assist with the language. The expected merger is sometime this summer. Jerry stated we may have a contest to rename the Chapter, to be determined later.
  2. Willie Morris announced the ACC will hold a pre-rally for FMCA which will be in Minot, North Dakota in August. Also, the August 2020 FMCA rally will be in Tucson, AZ; and there will be a pre-rally with ACC which Willie will be organizing.
  3. Jerry spoke of the upcoming Western Regional rally March 21-25, 2019 at the Cava Robles RV Resort in Paso Robles. Lots of activities, good food, wine tasting, and entertainment are planned at this new RV resort. 4 space are left. We should have a fabulous time as this resort is top notch in the beautiful wine country. Any extra nights prior to or days after the rally must be booked through Debbie Darby to get the rally rate. Directions to this resort via your GPS will get you lost so directions will be distributed prior to the rally. Jerry stated that the NorCal/Nor West and South West chapters each donated $500 and asked for the same contribution from SoCal Chapter. Bob Clapper made a motion, seconded by Ray Lamb, to donate $500 to the Western Regional rally. Vote taken and this motion passed unanimously.


Jerry spoke of the Board’s action to suspend the Emeritus application process. A review of the processes for Emeritus status are under review by the Board to establish policy and guidelines.


Jerry announced that Pat Adams will become the new Vice President after the May 2019 National Rally creating a vacancy as National Secretary. The Board is asking for a volunteer to fulfill the remainder of the National Secretary’s job as Pat transitions to the VP position. Additionally, Jerry announced that Doug Thompson has resigned as the Web guy and the Magazine editor. Keith Landers of South East Chapter will accept the web guy assignment (but will need some assistance on email blasts, and some other tasks), but we still need someone to accept the Magazine Editor position.

MUFFIN AWARD: Jerry announced if anyone knew of someone desiring of this appreciation award to let him know soon as the award will be presented at the National Rally in May in Conroe, Texas.

RALLY ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bob Clapper has issued the rolling rally locations and reminding anyone who will attend to please let him know. If you are participating you need to make your own reservations ASAP. Approximately 18 -20 are already participating in the rolling rally coming from SoCal. Jerry announced that 121 are already signed up for the National Rally in Conroe, TX this May. It will also be Randy Hendricks last ACA rally as he will retire in October 2019. A plaque will be presented to Randy for his excellent service to our Association. Freightliner is really stepping up this year at our National rally as a sponsor, please stop by if you are at the national rally and thank them.

Brooke Wollam talked about their plans to host a SoCal rally August 15-19, 2019 at the Yanks RV Resort in Greenfield near Monterey. They are working on the activities for this rally which may include winery, the aquarium, etc. Jerry announced the Jackson Rancheria RV Park will be hosted by Glenn & Jeanne Caldwell from September 1 – 4, 2019. Discussion was held that we need additional rallies this year, Debbie mentioned maybe going back to Simi Valley at the Reagan Library possibly in October/November.

Pat Adams announced that the steak night will be at the VFW tonight and they are okay with bringing our wine with no corkage fee.

No candidates (yet) for the T-award, so Becky Clapper is proudly wearing the T.

OFF AGENDA: Tony Hasty mentioned that Tiffin rallies fill up in minutes/hours of the dates being announced and wondered how they get their members to attend & sign up so quickly. It was suggested that Tony do some research to find out more details.

Ray Lamb made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Tom Jordahl. Meeting adjourned at 10:46 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Adams

Pat Adams, SoCal Secretary